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Banglet™ - Key Ring Wristlet

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A high quality keyring wristlet designed for a casual fashionable touch to compliment your everyday look.

The perfect accessory for every woman for easy, convenient access to your keys. Carabiner design makes it easy to attach to a bag, luggage or purse. Large bangle design makes it easy to hold onto or slip on your wrist.

This leather wristlet keychain comes in a variety of colors and makes a great gift for anyone.

Leather Bracelet Key Ring
  • Made of high quality PU leather, the delicate and playful tassel pendant can be removed at any time.
  • The key ring is lightweight and flexible, very soft and comfortable to wear, it's a great way for you to keep up with your keys and the leopard tassel leather keychain looks so pretty and fashionable too!

    Keychain Bracelet
    • Try a new and fashion lifestyle , Never lose your keys!
    • The wristlet keychain is designed to easily slip onto your wrist,these oversized bangle keyrings can be worn on your hand or attached to your bag.
    • Perfect for every women, girl, kids and men. Or give it to your mother, sister or friends as a gift on special day. No one can refuse such a thing that is both fashionable and practical.

      Oversize Design
      • It's the size of a large bangle. The internal diameter is 3 inches, it's much bigger than your wrist and can even reach your shoulder, but that's what makes it unique.
      • Easy to slip onto your wrist and great for finding your keys quick in the bottom of purse or anywhere in your car or home.

        Quick Remove
        • This wristlet keychain is portable and removable, you can quick removal at the valet or when letting someone borrow you keys.
        • You can put in your bag or hung on a door knob. Lightweight keychain is the perfect addition to any key ring, backpack, or travel bag

          Gift for you
          • All parts of these keychains are made of lightweight and high-quality materials, durable enough.
          • If you are not satisfactory with our service or products, email us customer support 24/7 Monday-Saturday 8:00am - 9:00pm



            Verified customer: Carrie Lunsford

            Date Purchased: 01/20


            It goes so perfect with my keys! I even got it to match and compliment my purse!

            Verified customer: Gabriella Miller

            Date Purchased: 01/20


            This comes in handy wherever I go!!! Never lose your keys again 

            Verified customer: Jennifer Guzman

            Date Purchased: 12/19


            Easily holds around your wrist in a stylish fashion:)

            Verified customer: Michelle Jones

            Date Purchased: 12/19


            My favorite is the cheetah print! Matches whatever I wear when I leave the house xD

            Verified customer: Mattie Huff

            Date Purchased: 10/19


            This is the new style! I really love my wristlet! It can also attach to your purse:)


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